It is October, as the date above this post indicates…But it was so warm today, I was walking around in shorts and a T-shirt! This autumn is so golden…it’s my favorite of all the fall colours…especially in the morning right after the sun rises when the sky is that light sparkling champagne…the light and the golds just filter in the most indescribable way…I am so thankful for the beauty God has placed all around me…

Today was also my first day of work, as a hostess at a family type restaurant…I was supposed to be in training, but my “trainer” didn’t exactly know how to train. So I ended up watching her and then eventually just doing the job on my own…I know this will get boring and monotonous soon enough, but today working actually helped me so much…it completely took my mind off of the things that seemed to never let go…while wrapping silverware I realized that I had to actually remember those things…It was such a rest…God is faithful.

So I realize that this post is quite a change from my usual poetic or artistic style of blogging…and I know that no one actually reads this…but it’s nice for me just to be able to write about life, how God is revealing himself to me everyday…to be able to write plainly without form or conscience of “art”.

I left my bible at my church…I am really needed it…not like there isn’t any other bibles in this house, but you know how it is with your own…you have all your verses underlined and marked…random leaves, flowers, and old notes pressed between the thin pages. I was going to put up one of my favorite underlined verses…but oh well….

Love Deeply and Go in Peace


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