R@n ☺uT (♥)F…☼


I am convinced of many things that I will probably forget to write down here in your letters, or in the other notebooks…but here are my today ideas.

All of these stupid songs on the radio were intentionally written to make money off of mental people such as us. Yes, I am assuming your head is just like mine…don’t lie, love…you know you left that one “shatter-heart” song play all the way through.

I firmly believe it is beneficial to place both hands on the ground every once and a while…Just to make sure it is still there. Besides, one can always afford a surprise, and there is never normality in touching the ground.

Today I made an almost laughable mistake…I realized that I had actually compared my writing to that of Henry James! In complete ignorance, be assured. You know who he is, but in case you forgot go read some of his work. It seems to be quite brilliant. I am most definitely not Henry James.

Well, I know it has been a few days…but I’ll be the one to hang up.

Love your,




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