Between Two Paradises…

So God created this place called Eden, he also had people write a book called Revelation in where he describes our new home, our new paradise. And then he gave us a choice…we could live the way He created us to live, or we could create our own way to live, of course borrowing the minds he wove into existence.

The story goes like this…Adam and Eve chose to live between the paradises…The first humans forfeited their Eden. Now we get to live here, not by choice, but all the same we get to live. We also get to choose how to live.

I know this guy who is very dear to my heart and he spends his nights intoxicating his body and taking purity from girls he doesn’t love. This is how he is choosing to live his life. I wonder if its some effort to re-create paradise. Are we hardwired to seek beauty, to feel a paradise? Watch us God, we settle for a paradox.

I spent a lot of time not liking my church because of what I was not getting from it…Now I am falling in love with my church because of the things I can give to it. Don’t you think its time we start figuring out how to live here? Im tired of people telling me that faith is waiting for heaven and that hope is holding on until we are taken home. I need to know how to live here. Because that is where I am.

I have such vission and passion for this world…I want to take the hands of those I love and those who need love and let it flow…I want to teach my people how God intended us to live. I want His breath to fill my lungs and I want to breathe His love here…Its finally time, time to live.


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  1. Erika

    God be with you, little one. show the world what he’s got. he is so excited that you are willing to be used now! we are the revival! 🙂 i love you, and we must pray for that man we thought we knew so well, or so i thought, anyway…

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