519 Washington Street, Marquette Michigan 49855 United States of America

My sister and I were suposed to be meeting people for lunch yesterday…except for that I kept driving, got lost a couple times…but she said she didn’t care and to keep driving. We talked for a long time, we never really do that. 

Im really scared becuase today I don’t believe you at all…not even in the least. 

My run-away heart is getting the best of me…and I am so restless…

I want to be sitting on that wooden floor drinking crazy black coffee out of my favorite painted mug…watching the cars drive 35 instead of 25, loving people who pass by in front of the big windows. Talking through the mirrors, without ever moving our lips…We feel everything. I want to hear her voice singing about the car crash. We talk for a while about how mentalle we are…We recognize that we don’t know how to let you go. 

Let me tell you how the sun shines in this town…


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