From Beside Superior

Every morning I awake to sunlight rushing through the woods and pouring through my windows…The trade off is sunshine and clear bright skies for sub zero temperatures…it is well worth it. Schools here have been canceled, including the University. There is constant sparkling frost clinging to the widows. I take long hikes through the woods, those moments are so precious to me…Its a time to breathe slow and steady, to have uninterrupted conversations with God.

Last weekend I spent the afternoon in Dead River Coffee with some dear friends…eating peach pie and drinking out of their mugs…I share everything ;). Walter had an apple caramel latte and Kari had a mocha, mmmm. We just let life live while sitting at the bar staring out the windows and keeping conversation. I wanted to go ice-skating, so we walked up the streets to the Commons and went skating in our shoes…I in my wrap skirt and leg warmers…There was music playing and church bells reminding us of the hour…I felt so safe and so hidden far away in a beautiful little town…Where I could run away and still be home.


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