This is My Movement

I am struggling for inspiration…not to merely fill this page with pretty artsy lines, but to produce as an artist…I feel this need to challenge myself and stretch myself…push the limits. Where can I go, what can I acheive…how far will my abilities allow? Art has always been so endless to me…there are so many forms and so many styles…Sometimes I really believe that art is the self-created form of who a person is.  There is much calm, and yet such violence in art…So much peace yet so much unrest is there to be found. Art has no rules or limitations…no deffintion. Its mysterious and alluring, beautiful and ugly…its black and its white…yet who can count the shades?  I want to become through my art…I want to be better…I have found frusrtration welling up within me, for I feel as completly incompetent…and yet I feel boundless. I need someone to pour inspiration and love into me so that I can spill it upon paper…and yet at the same time is that right? I think that I can do it on my own…maybe it just takes uprooting myself. This is my movement…


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