To get some words down

Every time I start to write, whether it be in a post here or in an artistic piece the first word I use is “I”…That really bothers me for some reason…It was quite a challenge to start this without using “I”.

Alright as you can tell I really have nothing to write about…No deep thoughts or pretty lines for the day…that also bothers me, but I am working on writing steadily no matter the content.

Current Events? Saturday consisted of hostessing, then running concessions at my church for the Upward basketball games, then tech practice..Very long day with an early morning to follow. Sunday was full with running the Mac/pro-presenter for services, the annual church meeting, the youth leadership meeting, then lunch with everyone…that was interesting. I had about an hour at home then back for youth group…Worship that night was so awesome and so different from the regular…I think that we are asleep..asleep from God.

So I wonder that while we are in this sleep what God is doing? Part of me believes that he is reaching to us in our dreams and tearing at us in our nightmares…Will our God give up? When will we realize that it is time to face the dawn…When my people will we wake up?

The sun was shining today…that is always such a gift to me…I took a long hike through the woods…colours are so bright!

Nothing else to write about…I believe this is good enough.


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