Somtimes you just have to smile and pretend she makes sense…

Sunday I was made aware of my habit of making ridiculous statements. I should be scared to think of what might take place if people were to heed my “philosophies” . Here are just a few of my latest contributions to my unabridged world…It is such a lovlier place…

– ” hell is a place so why not use the word!!!”  yes, out of my mouth at church while running the power point for the preacher…lovely I know, but abortion makes me mad.

– ” I think everyone should have an addiction, I believe they are actually healthy” …said that to my father, who did not agree…I also earned  one of those “whose child are you? ” looks.  Yes, I am aware I constantly argue against substance abuse. of my addictions of my addictions

– “Painting your nails cures deppression”  I actually prescribed this to someone and it actually worked…who would have thought.

– ” Wearing a scarf in my particular hair is the same as me having dreadlocks” …in my head.

– ” Running away may possibly be the answer to everything”  Completely untrue, don’t try this at home.

– “Highschool tears the inspiration right out of you” Join my movement? …I unashamedly admit to sounding like “such a hippie”

– ” Sooner or later the real world won’t exist” …Still holding on to that one

– “Wear your friends clothes, its benficial to your mental health…alright probably just my mental health, whatever. 

So I took Nicole's shirt...recklessly

So I took Nicole's shirt...recklessly

– “Starbucks Coffee is fake” …yeah so it’s made from coffee beans, but its just odd.

-” Marquette is amazing” …you can think what you would like…But we have a commons!

-“It is ok to cry in art class…no one actually notices”

So I realize that pretty much every one of these statements are completely ridiculous…But I will argue till I am cross- legged on the ground laughing and pretending to be able to sing.


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