Washing dishes, wedding dresses, peach pie, tea, and other womanly attributes…

Allow me to thank my mother for letting me wash dishes when I was young because I thought it “therapeutic” What 10-year-old says that? All right I don’t really know how old I was but I remember always wanting to wash dishes because it was therapeutic. I am also very grateful for her teaching me how to cook, and quite proud of my desire to learn…I must say that for someone who likes a sort of order and organization she has gracefully put up with my endless odd philosophies…Such as “do not cook with a recipe, they are boring…instead just make it up while you go” …which has proved very true and fun for me…a tiny bit stressful for her, especially when she sees me literally dumping “this and that” into the bowl or pan without using any kind of a modern measurement system…My latest work or culinary art was the making of a peach pie without any kind of recipe…which actually turned out…No, I did not measure anything so IM not going to try and give out some sort of recipe…

On to other topics…currently I am reading the blog of an author who wrote “Offbeat Bride” ..Don’t ask why I am reading an indie wedding blog on “Altering your thoughts” haha….But she is interesting. Check out organic cotton wedding gowns. So maybe I’m not so much into a “skater wedding” or exchanging vows in a pagan love circle…but you must admit that this is pretty interesting and a bit entertaining…. http://offbeatbride.com/tag/green-wedding-dress …I suppose I shall mention this was all started in the attempt to find a gown for a prom that I’m just not that interested in…I told everyone I would be attending in a long tye dye dress…hmm, to disrupt the precious highschool mold…how tragic.

No one really needs to know this…but I have just recently become aware of how much tea is saturating my body…Not only am I drinking the stuff all the time…but It just dawned on me that the lotion I use is “Black Chamomile” and my soap is “Vanilla Chai” …Would you call this a bit obsessed or accident? I’ll go with accident; I really don’t need one more description to add to my “general oddness”. Well would you look at that, my cat mug is empty…no more tea left…what’s an odd/dress-up hippie/earthy girl to do? I shall tell you….make more tea.

In my attempt at maturity and wisdom, I have found that I am very happy to have been homeschooled…I don’t think that I fully realized how enriched I had become until I became dually enrolled my senior year at our highschool…I don’t want to rip on the public schools because we obviously need them, not everyone is cut out or has the opportunity for home education. I also am not trying to bash the public school teachers…merely this idea of teaching to a norm, and being taught at instead of being encouraged to learn or equipped to teach yourself. I found myself very unmotivated and uninspired while in the public school atmosphere…I rarely studied the material being taught and maintained an A in the class…I passed my final psych exam with a 91%…barely studied or prepared for. Most days spent in the class passed by without much being learned, disruptive; students who didn’t care to learn kept the “learning process” perpetually interrupted. I believe that I will be homeschooling my children…but they will always have a choice as to where and how they want to learn. If you can succeed and learn in a public school setting, then go for it and good for you. I have been reading up a little on the concept of “unschooling” it is quite interesting…and having experienced learning in this way for the past couple years, I really believe its an inspiring and empowering way to learn. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unschooling …a wikipedia link for those of you who need facts, organization, and credibility 😉 .

The Sun was causing a glare on this screen and the sky was florescent blue when I started this post and now the sun has set behind the deeply snow covered hills and the sky has let up on some of its hue…how the time has passed! But in the course of my writing I have also made tea, made dinner, and taken the garbage out…how is that for being mature and womanly…haha It will have to make up for my lack of ..um, femininity? Hey now I wear skirts just not frilly ones or short denim ones, but anyway it is time I go. Peace and Love.



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