In the event of an emergency…

Today I took the glass away from its window -light…I raised it to someone or no one…maybe God, then I placed it’s cold rim between my thirsting lips and let the halfhearted water spill around my teeth. It was neither warm nor cool…it felt like the colour of the paint on the walls.

And walking out I knew that I had accomplished nothing by dropping the glass…I should have set it back where he had left it…But I don’t think that he will come back, so his feet are safe from the shivered glass.

My shirts hung so limp on their hangers without my body to fill them. I almost wished that they could fill me. I didn’t take much with me, layered his shirt over mine and buttoned my cream knit sweater…I just wanted to leave and leave everything…I could feel the water pretending to fill my insides as I started towards the door…My tired fingers slid the rusting locks open. I think that in most stories the weeping girls turn and take one last piteous look at the heartbreak they are leaving behind, but I didn’t. Instead I reached down to slip my tarnished key between the worn strings of his guitar. I closed the door…as I would have any other day. For I know that the eyes of our deep beings saw more than could evolve… I believe that God is what we saw…And if we had seen God together than how could we ever be apart.

I walked out onto the streets that had never held any destination…and I saw another city, this time not so small and blurry like it was through that glass of water.


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