Progressions of Nothing

The espresso is sort of wearing off…

                                    I               kind of miss       that   one person,      where are you        these                 days?

My washes of watercolour have become “conversation” I am excited for this one…  


This mess of hair needs to be cut…probably. 

                                       I have become really bored of sleeping in my bed….And the walls in my room…Maybe I’ll try the floor tonight.

I found some new music that I like 

    This post is coming very close to being deleted by me…


                        is a question mark even appropriate?

Irony for you…Love, M.E.

                                          ABOVE    ALL    LOVE    ONE    ANOTHER    DEEPLY





KEEP                            through the BOND of PEACE



of the


                                   Oh where have you run to? I could not hear your feet move so still between the reeds…

Your eyes, do they wait under tall grass?

                            Are you watching me sleep walk among amber trees?

is the earth between your tiring lips? Has your skin gone soft while in the soil…Is the current music under your ear?

Goodnight in the Field…

and goodnight to you as wonder about the possibility of mental illness…people write odd things do they not?

All my Love…dramatic and deathless.



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