Under the influence of paper and pen

The library has once again provided me with The Yellow Wallpaper…I am reading The Yellow Wallpaper Again…

This book holds so much meaning for me…I do not know why. I think that Charlotte is a very brilliant writer…I would like to be such a brilliant writer…


Our mouths are like nouns

Not moving at all

And always needing to be described…


I miss hearing you


Our fingers are like verbs

Moving the peices of life around

Today mine are turning the pages

Of that book you sent my way

Are yours around a glass again?


Thank you my dear for this book…I know you said you didn’t quite like it…but you knew to have me read it…I miss you.

Oh how this yellow wallpaper moves in such a disturbing way…slowly invading all the empty spaces my head could not hold. I watch it crawl..and move me to sleep.




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Filed under -Letters to Louise-, Journals Unabridged, mental

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