A time for everything….?

Oh it is time for some sunshine…time for some laughter…some good memories…

At the art exhibit on Saturday Jimme decided we should take a side trail on the island that led down to the lake…mmm, not such a good idea…this little incline was pure ice deceivingly covered in snow…So she fell and slid down on her side…My lovely Jordan started to fall and it didn’t help that I latched on to him to stop myself from falling…But lo and behold we stayed up! Barely though as we were laughing so hard…Let me tell you that I have not laughed like that in so long…that day at the island was purely theraputic and spiritually healing. 

I just read that last sentence and though..”wow…” You ever write things…and they just seem so pointless? I feel as if I am just writing for the sake of words being on this white…So bear with me as I ramble on about…nothing?

I need to wash my hair…

I am not looking forward to night…

I am going to watch “My Blueberry Nights” soon

I made a drawing of my limp clothes hanging on a line outside…everthing is just sort of abandoned and grey looking…The moon is shining slightly as the light source…It is kind of interesting.

So I wrote this poem thing yesterday while dragging stacks of chairs down a hallway at church…its really kind of  laughable…maybe I shall post it at some point. I gave it to a guy who is going to use it for a song…He is one of those musician types.

Ok Im done…this was quite pointless.


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One response to “A time for everything….?

  1. Sometimes pointless posts are just plain fun.

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