It took me way too long deciding on a colour…

The words “Add New Post” are before me…I think that they are subtly taunting me…haha…I am so dramatic…and I really have nothing to write.

Today is quite grey and tiring looking…when the sky is this weary shade it seems that the rest of earth thinks that it too must reflect the mood. We had some kind of ice storm, for my car was coated in a layer of ice when I got out of class this morning…the roads were all ice too, so it was 35 mph on 41.

There is a sort of underlying hope in my soul today…I feel happy…I was telling a friend the other day of how so much has occurred, changed, and been lost in the past six months…I was telling him how I’m not sure that he knew me the same…How I love regaining connection with old friends in which life has separated me from.

I hope very much that in my pursuit of God and letting go that my writing will follow…I must apologize for all the pointless, and nothing posts I have been writing lately…It is just surprising how different you can be week to week…I should find a way to keep my writing from following me into the grey sorts of times.

Well I believe it is time for me to record some progression and findings in my other blog…the journals of barefoot and breathing…


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