Letters without envelopes…

To the lovely voice with the guitar…

I found your song today on a website that I only clicked on because it had an intriguing name…I found out it was an art project…a life project, sort of like me. And there you were, just waiting under January 8th, 2009  for someone to hit play…I hit play…You hit my heart…I wish I knew you. I want to know your name


A love that I cannot disguise,



Dear woman who is now a mother,

I hope that you do not mind that I use your pictureLittle Life

But the little life that you have born has captured my heart…And I found myself praying that your baby would be ok…I think it is a girl? I wonder her name…How old is she now…Keep her safe.




Dear One who lost your friend…


Was he like your best friend? The one that could change your mind with you almost completly unaware? When he showed things to you, did they seem different from before? Did you spend many nights sharing thoughts about living here…and he could always bring a sort of light?

I think we are sisters…I lost my best pirate friend  too…although it is strange because he was a ninja, like you were always partial to…Maybe someday we will trade our best friends? How have these days been for you? Is everday like the last? Or do the keep changing? Do you miss him everyday? Or are there somedays where you don’t remember? Today has been good…the first day in which I don’t hurt so much.

I often wonder where he went as well, and why he never said goodbye…Sorry you lost your friend…He was right about God though…Live…breathe…For there is a God who loves you ever so much and wishes for you to live here a while more.

Missing a friend with you,




I feel shy talking to you…well writing to you…Don’t know why because you will probably never read this…But today I saw this picture and I really wanted to walk up and just sit with you…maybe not say anything…or maybe debate the world…ask why the world. Girl...alone

I hope that the sun comes out soon for you…its a beautiful picture…keep taking them.




Dear Girl singer,

I really like your song…It reminds me of places I haven’t been yet…it reminds me to keep writing all these cliche lines and keep breathing. It reminds me of sunfilled days on hardwood floors talking music and listening to voices. How lovely the days are sometimes.


We should get coffee sometime?

Your new friend,




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2 responses to “Letters without envelopes…

  1. heavenweeps

    Beautiful songs! I love the fact that we may never know who wrote them, but still feel like we’re dear old friends.

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