Just nothingness

Man, I am so behind the times with this supposed pressing of the words…wow

Alright so I am in Denver…as you and the rest of the world already know (thanks Facebook) and you are probably hearing it for the 23rd time…haha so what, deal…It is snowing here…let me re-phrase that…we had a SNOWSTORM…and yeah I realize that its CO and its supposed to snow but come on, its been in the 70s for like two months..then I arrive..apparently bringing the MQT style back in vogue…how awesome.¬† Check out barefootandbreathing.blogspot.com for some pictures.

So I want to write something fun and awesome and idk what…I dont really have any ideas…just energy thats twisting around inside…what would you like to hear? I want to watch some Hrrrthrrr…buuutt I wont. OHH I want to dance to hot pink music.

Hey the sky is kinda pink here…no idea why.


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