She loves Jesus and America too

Time to continue on with the pressing of words…

Today is my first day home…in the lovely, cold, Marquette, Michigan…oh how I love this place…I was happy to see that quite a bit of snow had melted while I was away. 

You know how they say that home is where the heart is? Well, my heart is usually always with someone or a group of people, rarely just a location…and after my experience in Kihei with the Calvary Chapel students I feel as if a part of my heart is still there in Maui with those people, and even in that place…I wish that I could find the words to write and describe how I felt the presence of God…I have never felt that at home in my life…Never that open and raw…never that real or down to earth…It felt as if I was within a family of people who were of my race…yet everyone was individual and an obvious child of our most High…This broken heart is well worth it.

Talking has begun about the Muncial Alliance Ministry School…I am excited and yet apprehensive about what is to come and how things will play out…part of me is scared to think of the possibility that this may not be the place for me…Its hard when you feel so strongly about something and then it doesnt work makes you second guess your intuition and even God…But I am confident that I will end up where I am supposed to be whether its Indiana, Marquette, Kihei…or india…haha.

Tomorrow is a fundraiser for Deeper Life…I cannot believe that almost a year has gone by already…I cannot believe that this is my last year as a student…I remeber being 13 and making best friends…and wow…the memories I have there…the family I have become a part of..the relationships that were built and healed through camp…God has sung over his people.

Alright I sign peace over you…



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