I was walking with your left hand in my back pocket

It feels wierd when I wash my hair…not like I never wash it, just I hate the feeling of it wet and hanging down my back…bleeh.

I am only writing for the sake of posting something on here, I really have nothing at all of importance to say…I will most likely end up posting one of those bizarre lists that I periodically write.

Such as…

– The only reason why I haven’t peirced my navel is because this youth intern guy we had with us last summer said he thought it was very unacttractive on girls…I ended up agreeing…sorta. Plus im scared that Im going to get sick, I mean your navel is like the center of your energy.

– Last night I was at work…and I had this ink tatoo of the Hebrew word for LORD  and it was up my wrist…well one of the servers that I work with thought I was a cutter…I just don’t understand how she thought that. odd.

– Also last night at work I was dertermined not to drink any coffee…because I had a caffiene headache and I always claim to have no dependancy on the substance…well five cups later I was laughing and knocking glasses of diet coke all over. people were wondering…but hey me and the drummer had fun.

– my cat is really making me frustrated…she bites…plus she is just walking around whining cuz there is too much snow to prey on poor little mice and baby birds. She also thinks she gets tuna many times a day. 

– A 33 year old guy thought that I was going to ask him to prom…now whatever gave him that idea??

– Pirates

Alright I have an application to fill out…peace


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