The Sound of God…

I was flipping through the pages of one of my old notebooks trying to find a letter someone had written me a while ago…I never found the letter but I found something that I had written back in February I believe…I barely remember writing it, but decided to post it….

“His music has no words, but progressions of instrumental spirituality…and deep in my heart His song is playing…Is is playing for you too?

It happens when someone is standing before a tearing sunrise, when lovers are hand in hand, when a child is born..these moments of unspeakable awe…This sense that there is some sort of deep energy running through the earth. A rush of an energy that sends your body into terror, because this is bigger than you could even begin to comprehend. Have you ever loved someone so much that if felt as if there was a violence ripping through your insides? Where you scared at that moment? Because who could wrap their mind around that? And what exactly is that? Your hear tells you that it can barely hold any more, yet you are addicted…Your mind tells you it is brighter than emotion, but your body cannot come up with a single word to label the sensation. You have experienced this…everyone has. And this is our beautiful connection. It is holding together the human race…

So the “Godless” live on experiencing and acknowledging this energy…worshiping in ignorance. But they just will not name this energy, “God”. The atheist physicist is awed by the intricacies of mathematics, formulas, and laws the universe runs by…and he has let a praise song escape without even knowing it…The abused girl who claims no God lies in a field of grass and sunshine, for there she can soak in some healing…The energy is moving, repairing…she is in His shalom. So, I call this God…and I am part of this connection…Everyone is being held together. What happens if next time you flow with this energy you let yourself call it God?

Sometimes intentions are only twisted attempts at trying to live. So I will put on His music so that I can be a part of His truth, that I can share in worship. For God has created all sound…and he have merely pieced it together in a melody form…the music plays on in tune with the energy.

May you realize that you believe in God…may you take hold of your spiritual connection.”


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