Just to keep pressing words…

Alright…It is past time for me to move on. From many things, places, people, sunsets from last year, skylines from January. Now this is not some collection of straggly sentences about getting over heartbreak and life’s general hardships, this isn’t my little, sad story about throwing away the boyfriend’s tee shirt and ripping up old pictures…I’m still keeping my cat and forgetting about your sweater. The main thing is that I like change…I like moving. The secret to concentration is elimination…You just get to a point when it feels nice to not have things tangled in your hair that really aren’t part of  your head. I have the chance to hold on to what God has given to me, so why let it go? Why let it starve into a comatose state…I am choosing to no longer let what is not of me live…Time for the artist to thrive.

So today


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