Falling Asleep, in Love, …in a coffee shop

To only sit here and let the night keep on slipping by while I write…How could I ask for more? I am so blessed by this God who is completely in love with me…He is jealous for me, possessive of me. The only one who could never let me go…There every night when my mind falls apart, when my heart becomes restless.  He has my memory enfolded in His hands….giving what I need and taking what I don’t.  How beautiful is this place of His unfailing Love…Solid, under my bare feet is His ground, Deep is the air He breathes into my lungs.

I really kind of wish this was notebook paper instead of a shallow screen lighting up my words…but it is not and you would not be reading it if it were to be that way. I would really like to just let it all go and wrap it up in brown paper with a postage stamp and wait for you to open it.  I would love to see a lot more of the world.

Also, I believe it would be quite nice to add a new category to my blog, and that would be photos. I really do enjoy attaching photos into my posts…just the profound shots I find in different places, pieces of film that I have captured myself, life-memory pictures too.  As I write this I am already wondering what pictures to place here, if any. Maybe another day, I am getting tired.

Tomorrow is my open house for graduating high school….very glad to have moved on, but also tired from wondering and worrying about where to go next. It will be ok.

…He is Mighty to Save


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