Our God is Good

Our God is so good. When he gives, when he takes, when I don’t understand, when I am lost…He is Good…all the time. God is always teaching me, or atleast trying…but it is up to me whether or not I am going to learn. So God has been teaching and I have been learning…To trust Him, to listen to Him, let Him lead me, and most of all to keep Him always in the center of my life, and my focus.

Well on Friday I leave for Muncie, Indiana to attend The Coffee Institute . I am so excited to be immersed in something that I am passionate about. I love that they are ministry oriented and God is an integral part of what they do. The more and more that I pray about where my life and passions are headed, the more it is apparent to me that God has gifted me with a heart for people, a heart to serve, encourage, and care for people…it is very obvious to me that I am supposed to live this out as a ministry in the mission of  loving His people. For that I am overflowing with Joy…I feel so honored to be a part of His plan. 

This past weekend has been a blessing…It was a really good time getting to work along side my He-Brews family. We were steady busy and it was great. 

Well I am out…Blessed be His name.


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  1. coffee coffee coffee coffee coffe coffee


    Can’t wait to hear about your adventures.
    I’m so glad you were with us this last weekend.

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