Listening to Plans…

I may have already overdosed on the espresso and it’s only day one at “The Coffee Church” as some lady preparing for a wedding reception refered to Alliance as…Not sure how fast sleep will come tonight, but it was well worth it…good coffee.

Indy is different. Obviously…I can say that I deffinatly have a heart well tangled up in Marquette…I already miss the woods, the lake, the cold weather…haha. But also I am so happy to be here in the middle of a new experience. My roomate is nice…she is quiet but friendly. Our house is a white half run down farm-house. Its the kind of house that I have always been happy to be in, but the energy wasn’t all that embracing…I think it was because there is old plush carpeting instead of hardwood…my other roomate has chickens and they just thrill me to death…thats my next project when I get home.

As you all can tell I don’t have too much to really write about yet…I do have some pictures I would like to post…maybe when I get home…

Alright Im out…write soon…Peace my people.



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2 responses to “Listening to Plans…

  1. Welcome to Indiana!!!! Keep me posted on things. Love you!

  2. Well, I sure am glad you posted. I was on this here computer with the purpose of facebooking you to say “I sure love you and miss you, and am praying for you and your time.” And then I was going to let you know that I wore my sweet shirt to the sho the other night, and this lady who was from California, stopped in Iron River, and she asked me if she could buy a shirt. I told her we would have some soon 😉 then today she came to church and told me that she’s going to e-mail me when she gets home, because she really wants one of those shirts. 🙂
    Also, sad you’re missing this band. I think you would love them. I have wept, it has been so blessed.

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