It is Cold today…

It is beyond time that I press some words here…actually I am way overdue for an update…and as much as I would love to spend this morning quietly writing about life flow, posting pictures, talking about art and Jesus I must just write a quick note, I have to bring my sisters to their music lessons in an hour…and I have to take a shower…which I have two things to say about that…One, that line rhymes and two, I am not a crusty…so the worrying from some individuals can cease.

Well I am home from land of Indiana…and soon returning…I spent a little over a week in Muncie attending The Coffee Institute…which was absolutely one of the most challenging and amazing experiences I have ever had…It felt very good to be so heavily immersed in learning…I loved the opportunity to just be taught and to soak up this trade that I so love. My instructors held high standards and taught in a way that made you want to do the best that you could…They were so experienced in their trade and held such a passion for it…Two of them are award winning baristas and that says something about the education I was receiving…For a whole week us students were the little coffee disciples.

So much started to happen in the last two days of class…my future started taking shape…I met with the pastor from the Alliance Church and we talked about options and where I could go with my love for His people as well as coffee…To make the whole long dramatic story short, he advised me to re-look into the internship, where I would be trained and brought up in ministry as well as my coffee education. So that night, which was the last day of class, and only a few hours before Dyani was to pick me up; Vince who is the intern director interviewed and accepted me into the internship…So I am leaving Marquette, the place I thought I couldn’t leave, to move to Muncie, Indiana…The place I thought I couldn’t live in. God works in such mysterious ways. Along with the internship I hope to get a job with their new coffee shop…and eventually become a Barista…we shall see.

The beautiful Dyani Carr picked me up and brang me to my second home…The Carr home in Lagrange, IN…that family has a energy that surrounds them and it says Love, Light, Jesus…they are such beautiful people…and their house is so perfect…back in the woods on some rural route…with a big garden in the front and cascading flowers on the hill behind…I was so grateful to spend a few days there in that sort of heaven.

It was Grand…

Alright it’s time for me to go…Be in His Love and Peace


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