I leave in only two small days…

Just two…two days…

So much of me is very ready to set out and see where this place will take me…I’m excited to meet new people and get into the challenge of new relationships. I’m looking forward to practicing my shots and art…and drinking way more espresso in a day than I should.  I’m apprehensive, yet thrilled to grow, learn, become, in God and what He has for me there. Immersed in ministry…will it be good or bad? 

So my dear loved ones…I leave on Thursday…and I leave you all with my love and steady prayers. Please stay a community, but keep reaching out…Please hold on to who you are, but keep becoming…Stay Gold.


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One response to “Pre-Farewells

  1. Well, today is the day. Looking forward to it.
    Whether it is good or bad isn’t the issue. It is ALL good. Isn’t it interesting. Even what seems bad at times can be good in the end!

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