Time and Eternity…

Well, I made it to Muncie…and I am mostly settled in…things are alright. I am looking forward to classes starting so that I can meet all the other interns and get involved with whats going on.  Thank you for all your prayers and encouragement…I really need it.

Last night I watched a documentary on art therapy, but more specifically poetry therapy…it was really interesting and thought provoking…I always felt that art could heal, but it was so awesome to watch how these writers, painters, and dancers were improving the physical condition of patients with cancer, disease, and injury…it was amazing!  Check out Healing Words Productionsto read more about them, trust me it’s inspiring. 

Speaking of poetry…I am currently in love with Full of Crow…I personally find the writers fascinating, whether they are actually good or not…and the thing with poetry (well at least for me) is that its quite subjective, I may like once piece that really isn’t written very well and hate another that is…art has a lot to do with ones perception, and a lot to do with how it is working within oneself…what does art do for you? You can find a link to Aleathia Drehmer’s blog under my blogroll list to your right…She is the co-editor of Full of Crow and other writing endeavors.

” I lost a world the other day.
Has anybody found?
You’ll know it by the row of stars
Around its forehead bound…”
-Emily Dickinson




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2 responses to “Time and Eternity…

  1. wow that poem is stunning..

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