New Soil…

My third day of classes has come and gone…This internship has proven to be so challenging in many different ways…ways I never expected. Transitions and change is hard to adjust to, no matter how adaptable you are. I am naturally someone who deals with changes well, I’m adaptable, I like change, and it’s usually easy for me to get to know or connect with new people. But this is difficult, I have a lot of factors weighing in as a whole…I just left home…at only 18 and somewhat newly graduated I tore up every root and tried to re-plant in entirely new soil.  It’s getting used to a new place, new people, different ministries, different lifestyles, and it all takes time to settle in and start new growths. Time…time, time, time…I am a relatively impatient person. So this all takes faith, trust, patience….this takes a very focused heart and mind on God…what He is doing with me here….how He is shaping me. Discouragement, loneliness, and confusement are hard to process, it’s challenging to hear God and what he is telling me through the ups and downs…This morning we had worship, it was comforting to just sit there and listen to the familiar praise songs that I sang at my home church, Deeper Life, and with He-Brews…It was like a common language that His people and community of churches/believers speak….Worship.
Refugee Bags

Refugee Bags

One of the prior Interns here at  MAC  handcrafts very artistic messenger bags out of recycled coffee sacks from  AWC  where she works as a roaster…Bekah has been such an encouragement to me while I have been here…she came into my life at such a right time, and I feel blessed from her kindness…She sells these bags as another source of income while she is here in the ministry and living out her calling…So I encourage you to check them out for yourself or as a gift for someone…I have one and I really love it, they are very well made and lined…great as a book bag, which was awesome for me, because I always have a couple books Im carrying around.  She also sells beautiful leather journals and her home made chai mix…I also have a journal. You can look at her things and order on Etsy through Front Porch Handmade . If you order be sure to leave a feedback comment of what you thought of her work, that helps her bussiness and gives others an idea of what it’s all about.  You can also find links to her Etsy page and blogs under my “Places” and “Blogroll” columns to you right.

This is what my bag looks like

This is what my bag looks like


Handmade Leather Journal

Handmade Leather Journal




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2 responses to “New Soil…

  1. These pictures remind me so much of spending time in AWC’s coffee tent this summer! I miss you dear…

  2. I love those bags.

    high five to them.

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