Footsteps were quiet around Van Gogh, Picasso, O’Keefe…tentative and questioning on the outskirts of the “contemporary” peices…Yes, they were almost painful. All breathtaking. Spent the evening with Bekah on a random adventure to Indy…The Indianapolis Museum of Art. Such an amazing experience…

We then headed down to a strip of crazy little shops, bars, cafes, all soaked up in a tea of  culture…and each to it’s own…We were really only looking for a unique little coffee shop where we could sit and ponder the area…and the coffee, ” We are really into coffee” . So we walked around watching the scene and stopped in a Cajun restaurant for some directional advice as to a decent coffee house…and this is where the best part is written…The guy behind the counter asked if we were from the Hostel…Bekah and I thought that was quite the compliment…and I will probably talk about it for days. haha. We did see real hostel people though…I guess we have some work to do still in the area of our un-traveled look.

We found a coffee shop, some conversation….the night was good.



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3 responses to “Refugee

  1. I miss indianapolis sometimes.

  2. Jeni Pedzinski

    Hey chickadee, I read your blog every weekday. Love your notes and updates. They’re full of unsaid context which sometimes confuses me (I’ve read backwards a bit), but maybe that’s the fun of it. Love your face.

  3. Oh Jeni! It makes me happy that you read my blog!! I miss you quite a bit…yes, I know my posts are probably really confusing all the time…I don’t try! Hope you are doing well…Love you!

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