Pointless Thoughts, But Thoughts None the Less

So here is the deal… WordPress.com is becoming very limiting…therfore I need to switch to wordpress.org? Which means I need to be hosted? Which means I am lost. How to do please for you bloggers who are more advanced and experienced in the ways of the .com world. And if I can’t like export this whole blog over, I am going to cry…because its just that special to me.

Also… (this makes me smile) two important dates are coming up very soon, and while I know that ya’ll are just dying to know what they are…I will not divulge such secrets until said days have arrived…So don’t worry I will be blogging about them. I mean I feel like it almost should deserve some type of social gathering with sparkling white grape in thin glasses and pumpkin pie.

I joined this thing called disqus.com and I thought it would help with connecting my blog to facebook and such, and I really have no idea how to use it…kind of frustrating.


So Cute, with her children Hannah and Ben

Today Kerry made peach pie for lunch. I love peach pie. I love Kerry. What a beautiful blessing she is.

I am losing the fight with not wanting to steam-pressure can…can’t everything be canned in a big pot of boiling water??!?!?!

Why does Muncie not have a food Co-op?


MQT Food Co-Op, Favorite Place

MQT Food Co-Op, Favorite Place


I so miss my Marquette culture…Oh sweet October 

I love pictures…I do, so here are some more with slight undertones of a shout-out to The Coffee Institute…


By none other that Chris Deferio

By none other than Chris Deferio










Pales in comparison, I know..but It was my first decent pour

Pales in comparison, I know..but It was my first decent pour


Ok, so did you catch it? The Coffee Institute is the place to be! Not only that, but they (with great excitement!) are finally going to be in a place of their own in downtown Muncie…Along with the Muncie Alliance Church’s opening Coffee and art gallery, Vecinos  in the same building…So awesome! Not to mention that the building is gorgeous!



So yeah, I think you got it…right on…Well I pray His peace and Love over you…Much Love and I will catch you later!



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4 responses to “Pointless Thoughts, But Thoughts None the Less

  1. My whole family is from Muncie–so hearing you talk about it is very fun. Sorry you are having blogging problems. You can buy the name of your blog and have your own site….it is only $10 for a year. I host mine through blogger. I know that you can switch over from one platform to another with a little annoyance. I know of a gal who is part of a coop who . . . lives in Muncie. Let me know if you are interested. By the way, what is your internship in Muncie?

  2. I am an intern at the Muncie Alliance Church, and it’s been awesome so far! I was actually thinking last night that I should find out if anyone is part of a co-op here, because my parents are in one at home…so yeah thanks, and let that gal know that I would be interested.

  3. rather then me try to explain anything. you should read this blog. this guys really nerdy when it comes to blogging, and probably has the best advice


    also, that’s a lovely design. you’re such a pro.

  4. THANKS GRACE …again, I need to talk to you on the telephone…so Im going to call you…hopefully soon.

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