Date Number One Revealed…

Long ago in a world of varried trees and a deep body of water stood I…numb and calm before what I knew would be a storm. Quietly I strapped my tired body into my boat and let it drift through many kinds of water for 10 hours.

Ok, I’ll cut the drama…

A month ago today I got myself into my car and drove down to Indiana to start this life that I wasn’t even sure of ( yeah, secret is out…I had no idea). And it was hard, really hard…leaving my family who were all in tears, which is not like my family…Drinking my last cup of Dead River coffee with my dear brother, while in tears myself ( which is like me, haha ), telling him good bye wanting nothing more than to just forget it all and go walk around the lake…but I kept to my 15 minute limit, handed him a painting and some music…said a prayer and left…That morning was such a beautiful morning for Marquette…the sky was unbelievable…But on the other hand my time here has been unbelievable…in so many ways…I do know that I am supposed to be here…God has blessed me beyond anything I could ever deserve and things while still up and down are always constant in His Love and Grace. So anyway the main point is that I have made it a month…and that may sound a bit pathetic, but I dont care…A month is a month.

And that wasn’t any less dramatic than the first paragraph 😉

Yay for the 27th!



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3 responses to “Date Number One Revealed…

  1. Jeni Pedzinski

    If it weren’t dramatic – it would lose much of the captivating, deep-hearted romance that is your experience. Keep writing, and don’t stop celebrating milestones of your independence and discovery. I’ll keep reading.


  2. Oh you both are so beautiful and so encouraging…miss you

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