So it’s October 2nd and not September 30th…just pretend Im on time.

Life is good at handing you things you never expected…Let me re-phrase that, life is good at throwing things at you. Who ever coined that ” life hands you things” phrase anyway?! If I was actually handed what I got I wouldn’t take half of it.  The point of this is just to explain that nothing ever goes as planned…those lovely little white fence, yellow kitchen dreams don’t always pan out…and instead I find myself breathing through it all, walking it out with Him…Breaking down, loosing it…but finding myself aware of His constant Love and Grace…It just captures and romances my heart…and totally transcends my understanding life. This week  has been crazy and heartbreaking, heartshattering…and He is still there quietly healing. So many things have been spinning around so fast that I just got dizzy and tired. A lot of drama happened at work and things kept falling apart…all of the sudden you find yourself not able to handle any of it anymore…I wish we didn’t wait to get to that point as often as we do…What if we called on God before He called on us? So that is how my plans to write about the past year for my blog’s one year didn’t go according to plan. Oh well…Here you go a few days late…


A year ago began my writing endeavour that I originally titled ” A Peaceful Still” with the understanding of my life as a searching for His stillness, His peaceful stillness…Sometimes a lack of motion can feel like the opposite of peaceful, and you find yourself running without direction…Speaking of direction, this blog originally started as a venue for my creative style of writing…which is why a good part of my older posts probably do not make a whole lot of sense…I often wrote in a sub-conscious flow, or at least that is what it felt like…So this blog began on…

September 30th, 2008 

 Wrote quite a bit of poetry…

 Contemplated my faith

Realized sacrificial Love

 Began Glass of Water…

The Proposal of Maine

Wrote my book at Dead River Coffee

Continued A Glass of Water

Maine never existed

The Last entry in my book

Fell in love with people I had never met

Everything is Spiritual

Started Writing Letters

Visions of My Daughter


Thats life from that past year of writing…Made it to October 2009 where things are just as beautiful as ever…We are His children and He is our God…If Grace was an ocean then we are all sinking.

Speaking of things going according to plan, this whole post that is nothing elaborate or fancy took about 2 hours to write, because originally it was a super cool photo blog with shots from the past year with catchy captions…man, it was pretty sweet…but it really didn’t work out the way I planned…I screwed up the whole photo posting thing and somehow it ended up making soup out of my pictures and the whole thing was a mess so I started over…and presented you with a cute list of past writings.

Peace my dears…


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One response to “So it’s October 2nd and not September 30th…just pretend Im on time.

  1. Hello my dear,
    Wow, a year has gone by so fast…so many changes have been made in those past 12 months. I’m so glad to see God work in your life, its so inspiring to see His love and peace move through your life!

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