I Just Let it All Kind of Flow…Rivers Are Never Straight

Today I’m very close to quitting my job without notice and going home for the weekend…Everyone is for this idea…except I know it’s wrong. So I won’t. I’m saying that more to convince myself rather than to actually make a statement on what I really believe.

My Dad sent this to me...memories I don't want to be missing...I love those people.

My Dad sent this to me...memories I don't want to be missing...I love those people.

In the order of other current events…I am following a new blog written by a friend of mine, I know Im way too addicted to blogging and reading blogs, but I think it a very good use of time…I learn a lot and grow from it. This was a little hint towards any of my readers who aren’t into the blogging scene. Anyway this dude definitely offers amazing perspective on life and walking it out…It’s going to be nice following through his posts as he writes on God and his band ministry. I encourage you to support his writing efforts…As a writer I appreciate you as my readers so much, I feel like this is a place where I can share life and offer a bit of transparency…I have been reading Psalms and again God is showing me through David that life happens, emotions are real, and it is healthy for you to express them…As a community in His spirit we need to be connected and aware of each other…We need to start healing people instead of walking by them..and loving people instead of condemning them.

For homiletics class we had to write a topical sermon outline…which I was excited to do, put it off, then became not excited to do…that is pretty normal for me though…I have grand ideas and beautiful plans…but when it comes down to doing them, I have a tendancy to become bored. Well, I started this assignment last night and finished it this morning…and God spoke to me with such encouragement! I didn’t expect to get anything out of it, I just thought I was doing some homework for class and to do a decent job and life would be good. God is so amazing at blowing your mind, it’s great. My message was titled ” Lead Beside Still Water”  and it was about the coping and growing that takes place in suffering and grief. So now im just going to leave you with my outline…because I want to…and I have to type out the whole darn thing anyway for my teacher…aka Guy.

“Lead Beside Still Water”

 -The Growing Through Suffering and Grief

Intro: Psalm 22…Davids honesty and transparency with God in the midst of his sorrow

1. Perseverance ( Romans 5)

a. Rejoicing in suffering ( 1 Peter 4:12-19)

b. What perseverance looks life ( 2 Corinthians 12:1-10)

c. David rejoices in his suffering ( Psalm 22:25-27)

2. Character ( Romans 5)

a. Introspection on Character ( Hebrews 6:19)

b. What character looks like (Galatians 5)

c. David’s Character (Psalm 22:8-9, 12-23)


3. Hope (Romans 5)

a. What is hope (Hebrews 6:19)

b. A steady hope ( Romans 15:13, 5:5)

c. The hope of David (Psalm 23)


Conclusion- Psalm 23, The character, hope, and joy produced through David’s suffering and grief

topic-Suffering and Grief

Theme- Growing through suffering and grief.

And Homework is done.


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  1. This is textual. But I like it.


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