Your Sister, Victory Rose

This is getting pretty behind…so much for my frequent updating…I don’t even know why I haven’t been writing, in all honesty sometimes I don’t even know what exactly is taking up my time…I feel really unbalanced currently…maybe it’s time for another list.


– I am off of coffee for a week…it’s getting easier.

– I need to escape with my God

– I am seeking answers from Him

– Im not eating healthily enough

– I need to start being more disciplined

– I am practicing a lot on the bar…barista? Far from it, but working and willing

–  Worship…I need…I want…thirst…tired…restore.

– I should go through Psalms again…

I have been thinking about my life a lot…I always am, but sometimes I just let my mind wander in possibility, dream, and “what if?”  So, lately I have been thinking about Iceland. I don’t know why…at all…I just really fell in love with the water, water, water, cable knit, deep, thick, skies…I have never even been there…I watched a DVD of one of my favourite bands, Sigur Ros the other week…They had put on a number of free concerts in Iceland which is their homeland…the shows were filmed and they were absolutely gorgeous. I don’t know why I have such a pull to the nordic countries and places such as that…Seriously it’s odd, and I think that is why I love marquette so much…I never even became so fully aware of this until moving to Indiana.

One more beautiful reason to fall in love with Iceland is the sound of falling in love…its breathtaking…be captured… 

Album Artwork


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