Here is proof of my grand and glorious plans never happening the way they were supposed to…Such as, all the posts documenting my Marquette stay…yeah they don’t exist…at all. But hey at least Im doing it now. . .

Anna and I- Forest picture

When Happening Through Unknown Forests

anna and an apple

Picking Wild Sweet Apples











Camp Lake

Autumn at Camp












Car in forest

We Found so Many Cars That Day in the Woods

Old Bottles

I Found Old Bottles











Josh, Gabriel, and Byron

Josh, Gabriel, and Byron...












anna recording

Anna, Recording

dead river coffee

The Girls at Dead River Coffee












Erin and Jimme

Erin and Jimme












byron and the girls

The Lovely Girls and Byron

jamison playing piano

Jamison Playing Piano





















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4 responses to “Photographs…

  1. Love the pictures. Love and miss all of you!

  2. Jessica

    That was truly an amazing weekend! I miss you love…we’ll see eachother soon 🙂

  3. Jeni Pedzinski

    more! more! please!

  4. Luc

    This made my day so much better. Yesterday I let everything we talked about soak down into my core’s core and it really got a hold of me. I really wish I could squeeze into these pictures and have the door close and lock behind me…

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