Darling, Im wearing my “i hate cherries” shirt…It’s alllll good.

I wish I could link you up to a cute and slightly scandalous comment conversation I had with a dear and lovely girlfriend on facebook earlier.

Ok, truth number one- by scandalous, I really mean dramatic and for truth numero dos- Im still having the delightful conversation while im presently blogging. It’s like live action people.

This weekend was the Intern retreat. It was cool and it was neat. If I was feeling my usual self I would be writing a long drawn out paragraph filled with romantic descriptions of  El Casa Bella…Seriously though, the house was gorgeous…It was a really old house built sometime in the 1800s and added on to in the mid 1920s…I think. It was set back in a much more beautiful side of town…with actual hills and woods…Two things, this house had amazing hardwood floors and real skeleton key locks on the doors…I did lock myself in the bathroom, twice…It was traumatic. On a more spiritual note, the community and God time this weekend was much needed and you could almost feel each other start to breathe again…Sometimes I think we get really lost in the routine of our classes, responsibilities, and lives…I know that for myself its been so difficult and always up and down…It’s like one minute I hear God and im ok, but the next I have no idea where I am. Crazy life. Back to the weirdness, I accomplished many things this weekend…Getting sick again, spending quality time with my main lover Jesus Christ, and totally eating way to much…and when I say way too much it pretty well refers to chocolate. As well as the cool boy who made us pumpkin pancakes for breakfast. His name is Tom, and he has a very lovely girlfriend, just for you girls who can’t cook and are hoping to score…Keep looking. 

I keep debating whether or not to make this my first blog give-away post or not…I have the idea all set and ready to go in my head…but it just seems random thrown in the midst of bathroom locks, facebook chats, and pancakes. Yeah, I’ll go with the next post. So you better keep reading if you want in on it.

Ill go with some more pictures from MQT, since I got a request…

sunrise at camp

Sunrise/Sunset...Im not sure


So Beautiful...


We eat leaves...true story


Makes me dream of Iceland

me and jimme!

Her and I...Me and her...Us

harvest pary dress up

The Guys, being guys...well girls too in this case

erin and i

Erin and I

josh me and anna

Joshua ( Anna's BFF) and us cute girls



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4 responses to “Darling, Im wearing my “i hate cherries” shirt…It’s alllll good.

  1. Jessica

    YAY!!! That was an amazing fb convo i have to say..i needed to laugh like that! And i am so glad that you were able to have a GOd focused weekend. THey are priceless and very needed…and those pumpkin pancakes sound amazing! I love you deary….and thanks for writing…it always helps me feel closer to you even though we live so far!

  2. Jeni Pedzinski

    oh, thank-you for more pictures. How can a place possibly be so romantically, beautifully serene? I’ve seen some beautiful places in my day. I hope one day I get to see the backwoods of MQT.

    Hey, can you email me from an actual email address (I can’t get on FB at work) and give me your Indiana address? Do you still need/want a digi camera, even if it’s a couple of years old? I have it all packaged and ready to ship if you do. Re-chargeable batteries galore, battery charger and car charger all included. You’ll just have to buy a media card (what are those things called?) to store pics.

    you-specific HUG,

  3. Jeni Pedzinski

    oh in case you need it, use this email address to email me: jenapickle@yahoo.com. That’s the one I can use at work. xo

  4. Jourdan

    Marquette is gorgeous! No wonder Muncie is blah! So I want to go to Marquette sometime to photograph that amazing beauty! Good to see you tonight!

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