joy mail.

Here goes for my first blog give-away…And I must admit some of this has self-manipulative under currents…Basically I would like to start painting and drawing again, and in an effort to actually accomplish that rather than just think about how cool it would be; I am presenting you with a chance at a sweet little gift and to force me into putting some paint to paper. Cool, so how Im going to work this since Im not a super awesome pro-blogger who has everything high tech and figured out…the first five people to comment on this shall at some point in their life receive some art from yours truly

guidelines: (which im putting into existence solely based on the fact that at this particular moment, the word guideline sounded cool and official. )

1. Leave a comment, you should know this part already

2. Leave your name and address…email it to me if your way concerned about stalkers –

3. Share my blog link on your wall or facebook feed. Because you love me and someday my writing may actually be relevant to someone.

4. Share with me any of your desires in a piece of art, that may potentially be hanging on your bathroom wall or you know lost in that stack of papers on the kitchen counter, either way I want you to be happy.



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8 responses to “joy mail.

  1. Jeni Pedzinski

    Here goes…

    My comment: Sunshine is bright.

    My Info:
    J. Pedzinski
    413 Avon St.
    La Crosse, WI

    My desires: serene countryside. not huge (my space is small) …I don’t know what kind of art you do, so… good luck! hehe

  2. Jessica

    Hi Lady…i would LOVE some of your artwork!!!

    You know my info….

    And i would love whatever you are inspired to give me. Anything of MQT…and our beautiful lake…as well as any thing in nature..i love sunflowers…but honestly whatever you want to give me i will adore 🙂

  3. I would love a piece of art at some point, but one that expresses art from your view because that would mean that it is something that struck or inspired you. Then I would sit and wonder what was going on in the mind of Sarah Leslie 🙂

    Tom Neyhart
    1507 W. Hwy 136
    Crawfordsville, IN 47933

    If someone has the nerve enough to stalk me then they have bigger issues than being a stalker

  4. Kristie Moe

    My comment is you are talented, amazing and missed.

    Kristie Moe
    114 Genesee St.
    Marquette, MI 49855

    I have shared a link on Facebook.
    As for my desires, I think you know me. Anything tree, water, moon related would be divine.
    Peace my sister.

  5. Erin Rule

    Erin Rule
    1514 West Avenue
    Marquette, MI 49855

    Sarah, I love you and your desire for an AMAZING piece of artwork from YOU is ANYTHING your heart desires.

  6. Erin Rule

    AND my comment..

    I miss you…’re beautiful…
    ..I love you..
    …come home.

  7. Stephanie

    as did I…. :/

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