Nyquil Should Be a Banned Substance.


Recently I had an argument with the boyfriend* , it was a good first argument and it was about drugs.

Now that I have you sucked in by those trigger words of Boyfriend* and drugs I shall explain.

He takes NyQuil. I do not take NyQuil, I take Lavender. I disapprove of NyQuil. He finds no problem with NyQuil. So thank you to Patrick Moberg  for creating such an informational video on the negative side effects of NyQuil.

…Ok so I was pretty much done with this post and ready to add in the link to the anti-nyquil video, when I stumbled across a little fact that made me want to sue Vick’s. NyQuil contains hypnotics. Wikipedia says so, got to love that educational site. Got to hate NyQuil. Ok, here is the video, enjoy and be warned of it’s blunt representation of NyQuil use.



Dear Byron,
You should cease your use of NyQuil immediately.


*I hate the word “boyfriend” …But what other word am I supposed to use?  Do you know what I mean? It’s just one of those words that makes me feel like I should be dragging him through a mall making him give his opinion on the dress with strawberries that I tried on…or buying me little gold lockets with our MySpace picture in it. You see what NyQuil does to you!?!? makes you crazy. 


ps.- If it happened to Solange it could happen to you



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2 responses to “Nyquil Should Be a Banned Substance.

  1. wow

    Anyone with common sense would know that you aren’t supposed to take more than it says, especially THAT much more. All that video proves is that the guy is an idiot. You seriously fail to give a good reason why nyquil should be banned. So what if it has Hypnotics? its supposed to help you sleep. Why do you think there is a Dayquil and a Nyquil?… ugh

  2. Thank you for the dramatic reply to my purposefully dramatic post…it was half a joke, the video by Patrick Moberg was an art peice and meant to be funny, which it is…so I posted it. I personally don’t think taking nyquil is healthy, but if you want to take it go for, there are much safer and healthier alternatives.

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