God is not dead nor does he sleep.

I would really like to have something to say. It would be nice to have a post worth reading…I would love to write about one of my passions.  I thought by now that would be possible.

truth- I don’t have any words…

truth- Im not very good at balance

I read the back of “The Love Dare” while walking through Target the other night. It’s just another relationship book like all the others….The same advice, same bible verses, but I cannot get the challenge of unconditional love out of my head. It’s there. and its killing.

truth- I guess im not as unconditional as I thought.

I put my Casting Crowns Christmas album in this morning when I drove to class…and it sang,




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5 responses to “God is not dead nor does he sleep.

  1. Jeni Pedzinski

    First of all, I just ate a snickers. It was very good.

    Second… Sarah… *pause, eye contact* … be anxious for nothing. *long pause, more eye contact*


    (that’s all one link)

  2. Much thanks dearest. And also thanks for following this blog and caring about the crazy swing of things I post. Most of all, thank you for the encouragement and care.

    ps-got the camera to work…thank you !

  3. So . . . is the book worth reading? Or did you sum it up?

  4. Well, I only read the back cover…So I don’t really know. It’s probably one of those books I should read.

  5. I hear you’re coming home soon.
    that has nothing to do with this post but

    truth-I’m really excited to see you again. I miss them curls of yours.

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