Sick Like Audrey Hepburn/Awaiting January

The Creating began...

Pumpkin Bread in the making...

umm...out of order upload, oh well...Merry Christmas!

Don't worry Vanilla was not an afterthought...Im just bad at orderly picture posting.

yay for whole wheat, freshly ground flour!

Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix...

Chocolate Chip Cookies


just the makings of

So all of that was yesterday…Just making up some Christmas gifts…Putting in as much Love, Peace, and Joy that I could…

Today…was stunningly beautiful…and little by little it started to inch it’s way into my soul…Spent the afternoon with a dear one at Dead River Coffee Co.  and a few bookstores along the way…It was nice.

Also…Another dearly loved one presented me with a slice of blueberry pie…given the recent change of events. So sad, so sweet….and given those events, I will again post this trailer…And probably rent this for the hundreth time.


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One response to “Sick Like Audrey Hepburn/Awaiting January

  1. Oh pumpkin…yum. Those blueberry nights are oh so bittersweet. Never a better time for blueberries. ♥ I love you

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