To stop my little head from falling in the snow.

I’m beginning a new categorie…mostly because it’s entertaining and I’m bored. Well at least to me it is. Titled,  “Drama From a Midwest Barista”

*Disclaimer-if you are one of my managers or a legit coffee connesuir…don’t take too much of this seriously. I just need to be lighthearted about something.

Story number one

January 2nd, 2010 …some random point near the end of my shift.

I made a cappuccino with one hand and one food-tong hand…It was dramatic. You had to be there…I leveled, tamped, extracted, and poured, all with tongs…it was great. Never mind that the pour wasn’t quite “latte art” or that half the milk ended up on the bar. It was a neat experience…and had that rosetta actually turned out as a rosetta im sure I would have taken the barista world by storm. For now im just Sarah, not really from the midwest.


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One response to “To stop my little head from falling in the snow.

  1. ringsaroundmyfingers9

    Hello dearest.
    I adore your new catagory…
    I’m stopping in to inform you of my blog.
    yes, it exists..
    I know right.
    anyway. that’s all. i love you.


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