Love Bears all…

It’s happened again…

The gradual slip from keeping this blog updated…There are a few sporadic poetry pieces lying around but thats about it.

just lying around…

I feel like many parts of my life are doing that.

I’m so young. I have so much to learn. So far to mature. Many places to go.

I have always had this misconception that at some point I will reach that place of a sort of completion, or adequacy…but Im learning over and over again that it doesn’t really exist…That we are always moving and changing.

But then how do you live now? And how do you make wise decisions? Especially when you don’t “hear from God” Does He really answer you on all those things? Or does he let you live and learn…hurt and heal?

It’s crazy thinking you are ready for something…prepared to handle the “responsibility” and then life doesn’t go according to plan…You find yourself forced to be ready to handle something completely different.

The most crazy thing is that as much as all of this wears me down and sends my head in circles…I LOVE IT…I love watching life play out…I love recognizing the choice I have before I make it…Bottom line? I love watching God work through people, places, events. It’s almost comforting…How amazing and beyond this world is He? Enough to handle my broken faith, questions, frustrations…enough, period.

So…A new semester has begun in the internship…And I am proud to say that I AM in it…..yeah I considered dropping.

Excited to see what it brings and how I can grow in with the community…Believing He will reveal much.

Vecinos is alive and well. I and the other baristas have moved from training (not meaning we are stellar and no longer need any sort of training) to regular scheduled shifts…That like everything else has been overwhelming yet an amazing experience that I have loved. 40 hours in the Cafe this week. Neat.

I keep promising pictures…someday that promise will come to fruition…but its at the bottom of this list….

1) Re-start my health

2) Be OCD about what I eat

3) Work out

4) Start my herb/indoor garden

5) Study more for classes

6) Pray about the Living Room ministry

7) Get a freaking memory card, take pictures, and post them!!!!!!!

All this to be worked into my seemingly unworkable schedule….Which I know is workable..somehow, I just need to be a loooot more disciplined. I can do it…maybe.

oh yeah… # whatever) work on my sister’s blog for her, she has been asking since christmas.

Its getting late and I have coffee to vend in the morning…So continue on in Love, encourage one another…and be at Peace…

All my Love…Always.

Sarah Leslie.



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2 responses to “Love Bears all…

  1. Rachel

    So thoughtful Sarah! I love to read your writing! So glad you didn’t consider follow through with dropping out of the Internship! We’d be so sad!

  2. wordunspoken

    Hello, hope your doing well, learning lots and making good drinks and such. I’m attempting to update my blog more frequently now so if your bored or something check it!

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