Wide awake and no, its not morning.

To follow up my last post and prove to all far and wide that I am not allll talk…I adopted a day planner…The thing has been nice to me so far…because it doesn’t get to start bossing me around until tomorrow! yay. The only problem is that in the box of “January 11” it doesn’t say “go to bed at 10:30pm” so I’m staying up…and thats not even the real problem, you see the next box (January 12) reads, “wake up, work out, devotion…………….. 6:30am” …Tomorrow the day planner and I will not be such good friends.

In other news tonight-

I was perusing the USBC website checking the dates for the Great Lakes Regional Barista Competition…its in March…of this year. I want to do it. I’m so not anywhere near ready to do it. What is ready anyway? How about I purchase a couple dozen SCAA and Intelligentsia t-shirts and live in them…OR, I wear dangly portafilter earings!? I could even top off my dedicated and “must-be-a-real-barista” look with a rosetta belt buckle.  Thats neat and sure to earn points. Hey, I joined the barista exchange  network…I must be real now. All drama aside, I honestly don’t know what “good enough” is…I know that I know nothing compared to my superiors, but at the same time they will never stop learning and still have ground to cover.

Confession- I feel very inadequate as a barista…in fact I feel really off even calling myself a barista.

Closing thoughts of the day:

I thoroughly enjoyed the coffee shop today from the perspective of  a corner table, hiding behind a laptop and mug of Sidamo.

I need to get some sophistication

And day planner dedication

(note my rhythm and rhyme, well on my way to literary stardom people)

Last thought? Oh thats easy…I Love you!

Peace and Grace be with you.



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3 responses to “Wide awake and no, its not morning.

  1. I love you!
    and hey, we shame ourselves every day by calling ourselves barista’s. I think you can fit the bill much better ^_^

  2. Grace, oh Grace…honestly what would I do without you! hope all is well in your barista land 🙂 you guys are legit, i mean your using a hario now…so neat…Also I’m gonna send up some coffee when I get my check…so expect me to be slow and late…and basically it will take so long that it will be a surprise by the time you get it! I love you very much!

  3. Jeni Pedzinski

    Just want to let you know I’m still reading.
    Love you.

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