Weird Black and White Post Ahead…Just Saying.

I’m torn on how to begin this post. Mostly because I had it all organized in my head…and actually thought I could pull it off this time. Not happening, but I’m just going to assume that since you are reading my blog which is usually unorganized, dramatic, and/or confusing, that you can handle the swing in topics.

So what to start with.

Since this is weighing on my heart it’s getting headlines. My roommate came in tonight and made an off-handed comment about how she was hurting for the people of Haiti…and I was like “uhh, what happened in Haiti?” You see somehow in the transition of moving from home to here I lost contact with the world of “current events” Not sure how it happened, but I’m pretty behind in world news these days…Anyway, she started telling me about a major earthquake that happened there and how all these people are missing and dying…Not to mention all the crazy complications the emergency response teams are having to deal with…like the high temperatures (It’s summer there) , malaria, aids, and other diseases which are already rampant and a huge problem. Their airports are also down, so US aid is having to boat in. Bottom line is that this nation needs prayer, for healing, safety, and a recognition of their need for God. Kimmy (super-neat, new roommate ) went to Haiti on a mission trip when she was 18…she describes the experience as life changing and says, “I left my heart in Haiti” . She plans on one day going back to work more with the people, especially the children…I feel like it’s almost too hard to wrap our minds around the fact the over half the world suffers every day…And what can I do about it? Where is that balance of doing your part, being Light and not doing enough?

I feel a little guilty moving on from this…

But dear, devoted, adoring, readers…Please welcome to the blog scene my very own never-thought-she-would-blog sister!!! Totally cool, definitely sarcastic (please refer to her “About Me” page first), and worth every bit of time you may be guiltily spending from now on reading her posts…Just warning you that it very well could become a slightly addicting habbit…What can I say, the girl is witty, entertaining, and down right hilarious! “Stellar” as she would put it…oh wait, how ironic! Thats the title of her blog!  All I can say is stop listening to me and go read for yourself! Note-nothing beats that down-home Georgian accent on her latest video post! Check it!


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