My tall, dark who drinks cappuccinos and the awesome accent of stephen leighton

Not even going to pretend to be “with it” and organized…

Cool Barista/roaster extraordinaire- “have you been thinking about coffee for competition?”

me/don’t really know what Im doing-   “…Yeaaah.”

Thats my head recently. It’s like- dot, dot, dot, uhhh suure.

So, I wasn’t going to blog about this until the deal was done and over…Mostly because I’m scared. Really scared…of backing out. But maybe if I go a little public it will encourage me to stick with it, so I don’t have to write the “well I sorta gave up blog” .

I have decided to compete regionally in the united states barista competition. One of my favorite things about it, is that my region is called the “Great Lakes Regional Barista Competition” .

Really, I am quite excited…I love what I’m doing, and learning about coffee…Mostly I love sharing with people over a cup of coffee…yeah, I’m fairly geeky like the rest of them, or at least want to be, but what gets me about the coffee/cafe culture is relationship…with people behind the bar and people ordering in front of the bar…I like it. I enjoy watching people study, converse, and be soothed by the coffee we serve.

Vecinos is that place…Not everyday is awesome, and it’s still “going to work”, but the people who come in make in make my life. We have regulars now…I love that so much…There is my tall, dark, and thin young man who came in for the first time one day asking for a small latte “without all that foam” …he now comes in regularly in the afternoons and drinks cappuccinos, he makes me smile…There is the lady who always order peppermint tea to-go and a scone, she speaks fluent spanish, and taught me how to say time, it’s tiempo if you care…There is blonde Jon who tries to study daily sipping vanilla lattes, while Eric is also there at the same time reading and drinking our coffee of the day…they finally started sitting on opposite sides of the cafe, as Jon usually spends an average of 3 hours attempting to study. Then we have a small group of college aged girls who order mochas and lattes usually…they made me tear up the other day as I watched them holding hands and praying. In the evening around 6 comes my decaf-coffee-of-the-day drinker, he spends about an hour sipping and reading, waiting for his son to get out of driver’s ed. Oh, and lastly…the one guy who comes in and greets me by name…and I have no idea how he knows my name. Oh goodness, this is what it’s about.

Alright whats next on the agenda…Pictures anyone?!

Lynnsy Deferio finished a most stunning mural on the cafe wall…How beautiful!

The Story of Coffee

Just some practicing

The beautiful WBC Aurelia

The cafe

Pretty much Casey...and I

The bar under evening glow

Well, thats Vecinos…beautiful, lovely, and purely amazing coffee. So blessed to be a part of all of that.

Back to the opening question…I have considered coffee…lots of it. Changed my mind half a million times…Surfed too many coffee websites and read too many gourmet cuisine menus for signature drink options…Now I just have random post it notes all over my car and sweatshirt pockets with notes on origins, flavour combos, and service ware options…la la la. Current choice is Brazil Yellow Bourbon…So sweet. haha.

Episode 61 In My Mug from Stephen Leighton on Vimeo.

And in case you haven’t had enough Vecinos/coffee talk…Check this out!

…and this,

this is pretty neat too…

Lovely...Latte art by Chris Deferio

That’s all I have for tonight…Im sure it’s enough. 😉

Love and Peace Always!



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5 responses to “My tall, dark who drinks cappuccinos and the awesome accent of stephen leighton

  1. That’s awesome! Go girl!

  2. ringsaroundmyfingers9

    I’m unbelievably excited to see you on saturday. to see your places. ahh it will be so good.

  3. heavenweeps

    It brings me joy to read this…its amazing how there are so many ways we work in peoples lives! I can’t wait to visit someday SOON! Love and miss you a ton.
    Much peace my friend…

  4. Jessica

    I love this and i love you deeply!

  5. There are few things that I love more than the relationships and friendships created with customers. My favorite thing in the coffee shop was being able to start making someone’s drink before they even ordered it.
    This is all bringing back so many memories of my Downtown Grounds days…

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