Hello February.

Four days in and I think I just realized that its february.

Might as well mention that it is also Thursday…no intern classes. I don’t even have to work. It is a bit of an odd feeling, as this is the first day in seemingly forever that I was able to sleep without an alarm set. Pretty nice. Alright I know you don’t really want to read about my extra 3 hours of sleep, so moving on…

Yesterday during our last class period a group of people from the Destiny Rescue ministry came in to show us what they do and who they reach. They exist to rescue underage children from the sex trade and prostitution. It is absolutely heart breaking and I can barely comprehend the fact that this goes on in the world. At the same time I was filled with joy to hear the accounts of all the rescued children and how they are doing. Destiny Rescue transforms these children’s lives in so many ways…They are given medical, mental, emotional attention and counseling, they are evaluated and then educated, they are given jobs, and most importantly they are shown the Love of Jesus…One of the guys speaking said that these kids don’t just think about the Jesus stuff they are told, that they run to him…there is no in between for them…They recognize and are amazed by true Love and they want it. Please check out their website and learn about their ministry…pray for them, consider supporting them. Some of these little children are as young as five.

Life is continuing as it always is…but never how it always is. So much seems to happen and change now in such a short period of time, and part of me can’t keep up with it all and the other part seems used to it. The Great Lakes Regional Barista competition is coming up soon, and by soon I mean the second week of march…which to you is a ways away…to me its tomorrow. I feel unprepared, but in the way of some good news  I have finally decided on an espresso and I am so excited about it…I love it. Now for the endless possibilities of a signature drink…oh and I need to spend a lot of money buying everything for competition. yay.  Here are some recent coffee pictures…

From Casey with Love

For Justin from Destiny Rescue

For a much better slideshow, check out the interview Ball State did on Vecinos…


And we made it to the front page of the “Life” section in the Star Press…


As for me, I have a few layers of Dawn dish soap to wash out of my hair ( thank you wednesday cleanup at MAC, haha we were just playing), and day to get to.


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  1. Wow, wonderful! Thanks 😀

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