Breaking News…Home schooled kids make it to real life.

Real Life…whatever that is.

Being grown up is rather boring. And by grown up I really mean….well I have no idea what I mean. Just older, not at home, working, going to school…ish. Despite all the great and entertaining drama I seem to easily keep myself in, and the oh-so-glamorous “living on my own”  situation It’s rather dull…No pink, broken-locked diaries, no hate poetry from my little sister, no castles in the living room, no cat. No cat at all.

By now (long before the tirade of pictures may I point out) you are probably wondering what in the world is going through my head…and why I’m wasting time blogging about it.  Well, calm down your opinions…because you dear are still reading this. “This” was all my sister’s doing…I read her latest post and just had to get all sappy on this here blog.

shall we begin?

Anna and I.

Anna and I + Leah!

Us again. I swear kids try to look cute on purpose.

The way it should be.

Oh no peter pan, the children are growing up!

fast forward ten years and it's profile pic time and gone are the castles and barbie diaries

Delilah! fast-forwarded about 5 cats.

I like fish...and you might know this as I have often dramatically stated...usually in a loud fashion...generally annoying. I still love fish.

I was cooler in highshcool

Obviously, I mean we went to see As I Lay Dying in concert! I even fell asleep on the floor during their show...br00tal, I know.

so young, not so innocent, but we have got the eyes.

We went to prom. It was boring. So we left...

And went to a /\/\ 3 T @ L show!

Last year of Deeper Life

The baby...Priya


We are conservative and believe in guns.

Even more metal! in the form of a those lattes? I made them, thank you chocolate syrup for your awesome art qualities.

daddy let me drive his car,daddy let me drive his car to see boys...a whole town away.

kids thinking this was the end of the world. highschool was over.

Cupping over my first break home from the intern ship...cupping UP style that is.

More cupping...everyone was impressed and thought I knew what I was doing...ha! right.

Anna recording...Best day ever...never wanted to leave that cabin in the middle of, trees, water, fourwheeler, love.

Recording at the cabin...never wanted life to change

some time lost in the weeks of recording

Mid-recording...this kind of stopping happened a lot...A LOT.


surreal...From the October day on Gabe's farm...still not sure if it really happened.

A Severe Mercy

Was sure of Indiana being the answer


For Now.

Shut up…I know its overkill on the pictures. Just know there were at least 25 I didn’t post. Anyway that was life…and this is life now: Its really late…I’m sitting up with a friend, he is studying for class…we ate pizza. Coldplay is on. I’m tired. Worn out tired, but happy…Strangely fascinated with being out of control of everything. God loves through His mercy, grace, judgement, condemnation, beauty, spirit, jealousy…and I can’t comprehend that at all, but it’s true…and He is holding the universe. So I’m not afraid of falling apart at all.



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6 responses to “Breaking News…Home schooled kids make it to real life.

  1. Sounds and looks like some great memories–I agree growing up makes us boring.

  2. Beautiful. We have come so far and grown so much these past few years…it’s good to look back, and exciting to look forward. However
    I still feel like I am pretending most days 🙂 I love you very much.

  3. ringsaroundmyfingers9

    mmm yes.
    and yet God is so good through our lame-ness.
    we grow up and forget things we were NEVER going to forget.
    and we get new “never going to forget”s.
    we will soon lose more of who we were and gain more of who we are to be..
    because we’ll never get there. we’ll never be finished changing. maybe why it’s called change.
    the beauty of grace is that it makes life not fair.
    ever (hah, ever)
    rephrase: ever changing/growing/loving,

  4. I’m really self absorbed, and just want to say that I have always loved that pictured. from when you guys left prom to come to the show at Fire Up.

    p.s. when I was your age!–yes feel free to say that with your lips curled under your teeth and your back hunched over just a little–I remember feeling like I was free falling for that year out from home. I was going to say here that it gets better. but it’s not that it gets better, but it’s more that it becomes so much more fulfilling, when you have a family plus your family. who knew our hearts could expand in love so much?!

  5. Laurie Lunsford

    I enjoyed looking at the pictures of you when you were a little girl. You were too cute to not be spoiled…don’t think you are from what I can tell.
    You are making it….and life can be boring many days of our lives… and entertaining drama of our lives is what makes it fun.

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