Good morning Grand Ideas in my head…Good afternoon Ideas that are still in my head.

Woke up to a mind full of grand ideas…again.

While washing my hair I planned my day, it was perfect…mostly.

Then my phone rang, and I got called into work to cover for a sick co-worker…No problem, I’ll just complete half of my list by the time I go in!

While pulling on a t-shirt and hanging up clothes, I planned what things I would get done.

Then Travis appeared at my front door and said, “let’s go shopping” …I went, list dismissed. Got home and thought, “well I have a couple hours, I can still get that bread going. ” Then my phone rang again, and my dear friend/co-worker is also feeling ill, so I am going in earlier to cover for her. Currently the clock reads 1:35  and I have a mess of hair to fix up, black to put on, and some calories to consume all by 2 when my shift starts. So now you may have a better understanding of why I never seem to get anything done. But hey, I’ll still hold onto those grand ideas, because they are fun, and maybe someday I will be productive.

Well, I have some curls to pin up…but I will leave you with a video of a commercial done for Vecinos by awesome Ball State students.



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3 responses to “Good morning Grand Ideas in my head…Good afternoon Ideas that are still in my head.

  1. Travis Graves

    I’m famous!!!

  2. I feel the saaammmeeee way.

    but hey, working at vecino’s is good practice for the competition right? so really, you’re multi-tasking. very talented indeed.

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