Wanted: life management skills

I have started a lot of new projects! It is neat and exciting…don’t you wish I was the type of girl who got things done when she thought of them? Because if I was that girl, I would have purchased a memory card for my camera about two months ago, this post would be complete with fun pictures to document all the great projects that I’m currently lying about being involved in. See the truth is that in the past month I have started about three children’s books, an herb garden, read and cooked out of Nourishing Traditions, studied for my spanish lesson, started a work out schedule, made more art, blogged on my thoughts and life progressions…all  in  my  head. Some of this was started, some of this was thought about some more, and most of this never happened. What is wrong with me? Dream, dream, dream…dreaming time away.

Let us not end on such a dreary and discouraging note though…Tonight I started putting together a basic barista training manual…I mean I’ve been thinking about that for a little over a week now, and at least it’s started! one point for me. Tomorrow I attempt to make whole wheat artisan bread…wish me luck, send me encouragement cards…Life is so dramatic. Oh, and maybe if I’m really productive, I’ll sketch out a few more pages for my book.

Usually I resort to posting lists of all the grand things I have recently decided to do, but thinking that you are probably bored by those and knowing that I never even start half the things on those lists, I just opted for a raw and honest post on my apparent inability to manage my time and energy.

hope your more talented at it than I, feel free to include tips in your comments.

Until my next list or barrage of  random pictures, have lovely night.


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