Highway 5

It is gloriously early and I am mostly in bed…sitting on my bed…sitting and blogging and talking on my bed…So you can see that I am pretty much going to bed, and not only going to bed, but going to bed early…That is mostly a miracle.

Other neat things took place this weekend too. Like training people at Destiny Rescue and McConn Coffee on how to be better baristas and pour latte art. Destiny went through training on Saturday afternoon…I gave them an  intro and history to coffee… not that I know that much, but with a few technical sounding words I pass and they even learned a little…after that we were on to learning about extraction! Which is just another techy word for pulling a shot…One by one every DR barista pulled shots and learned about consistency, which matters! …sometimes ( Apparently Twitter was being regularly updated during training).

Eva's first pour!

....and Tom's first pour

On to McConn…Casey and I both took a group of students (McConn is on the Indiana Wesleyan University Campus) and helped them improve their drink preparation skills…we worked through pulling shots and steaming milk…they all picked it up quickly and were excited to move onto latte art…

my student's first pour!

She was excited to be a part of training.

Meet Casey...Vecinos' barista, trainer, and Latte artist...watch out Millrock,NY 2010!

It was an awesome experience  getting to share something that I have invested so much time and practice into…I loved having the opportunity to pass that on to others with interest in coffee…Both groups were a blessing to spend time with. Made for a nice weekend.

I even made a new friend!

Let me just add that this morning’s drive from Syracuse, IN to Marion was nice…Highway 5 is just a great place to be…lots of hills and curves through the middle of nowhere/farmland. Very pretty.

Well, it is now moderately early…and only 15 minutes past my goal to have the laptop off along with the lights…still a miracle.

sleep well readers.



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2 responses to “Highway 5

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  2. I rated this as excellent. because you’re excellent. and also, I’m a fan of these here pictures you’re posting. I’m feeling all up to date and stuff with your life.

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