With This Morning’s Coffee- Seeds and Spores Family Farm!

New features on blogs are really neat. Seriously…they make me excited.
Welcome to my mostly new feature…apropriately titled “With This Morning’s Coffee” which you should hopefully recognize, because it’s already up and running as a page here,to feature different blogs and places of interest…basically it’s what I’m reading currently. So this new category is simply just a run off of that page, where I can post write ups and reviews on different places of reading…generally just to share and have a good time unwinding…Because that’s what this is to me, a little bit of therapy.

Confession-as much as I want to say that I’m curled up next to a window with an antique mug of french-pressed coffee, I must admit that I am not. Nothing is ever perfect or as planned. This feature comes to you from the living room floor, with my cat walking across the keyboard, and absolutely no coffee. Sorry to disappoint the quaint little day-dreamers out there, but I’m pretty sure you can hang in there and follow along…

My dad has always gardened…Ever since I can remember, every summer he was out there planting, weeding, and tending to the garden…always including me…Who was interested and loved it while I was little and oblivious to the rest of the world…Then I got older and mouthy and had more important things to do than sit and pull tiny grasses out from between carrots…Like hunt for salamanders, and frogs…build cages, collect their food, and of course study up on the natural habitats and lifestyles of all my creatures. Ok, so I wasn’t so normal, didn’t trade gardening for painting my nails with glitter-polish…but I was still that girl who wasn’t so into things anymore as soon as she was told to be. Well I’m back to being oblivious, or at least wanting to be…So I am being re-fascinated by gardening, and more specifically herb gardening…been talking to my dad about and checking out quite a few sites…Such as Marquette’s very own Seeds and Spores Family Farm where they strive to maintain a farm whose produce and livestock are grown all naturally and organically, using sustainable and traditional farming techniques. Over the past couple years Seeds and Spores has caravaned down to the Marquette Commons for the weekly Farmer’s Market every Saturday to sell their produce and help bring nutrition, sustainability, and natural farming to the community.

In my older days now, my dad and I would head down to the farmer’s market every Saturday morning…it was great. Nice to watch the morning set in along the lake with a hot cup of Dead River coffee in my hands, wandering about the vendors and dreaming about my future farm…We would often stop by the Seeds and Spores tables to pick up a few crops and pointers on Dad’s garden…They are always friendly, helpful, and just comfortingly down-to-earth…My kind of culture.

It has been an immense blessing to grow up here…In this culture. In the woods playing outside, getting dirty, building things, creating indian villages with the sisters…getting older and getting back into the simple life, appreciating the way I was raised…and hoping to pass on the same to my future children.

All this to say, I am being re-fascinated with gardening. No, I don’t have any seeds started…or any hard fast plans…but this summer is coming up and the other gardening interns and I shall hopefully be out in our field, with feet in the soil cultivating nourishing food.

Thanks for sticking with my ramblings…I have plans to be more organized about my write-ups in the future…but we all know how my plans go.

Peace and Blessings!


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One response to “With This Morning’s Coffee- Seeds and Spores Family Farm!

  1. I like gardens. Thanks for sharing your little memory including your daddy.

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